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Mexican chilli mud cake, raspberry and tequila cream with cinnamon tortilla tubes

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The Meatball & Wine Bar

Now to share another favourite of mine… it all started on a summers night while a friend and I decided to go check out Chin Chin, the wait was over an hour for a table but I felt we had to persevere for this culinary delight. So we went in search of drinks to help pass the time and only a few doors down we came across this funky busy little bar which so happened to be their opening night, the decor is dark and grainy, with exposed bricks, built in archways around the bar to really shows the buildings history and character.


Upon stumbling on the menu, nobody should be surprised to find a large array of meatballs and meatball options but what did throw me was they also have home made jerky in different variations from the Samboy (Salt & Vinegar) Ninja (Teriyaki) San Diego (Chilli)… Never having experienced jerky before and the only description that had come to mind was that of a taxi driver sitting on some meat for a month i wasn’t so eager to try it. But I’m so glad i did, I was surprised how tasty it was, not leathery, and quite easy to chew. It really was tasty dried meat!

But that’s not why we’re here, its the all mighty Meatball, and this restaurant really knows who they are. The menu is fun, you choose your balls, and what your balls want to sit on. they will do any combination you request. But because we already had dinner plans we settled for just a sampler. A board quickly arrived with 3 beef sliders with red sauce on a brioche bun… it was a total mouthgasm!

I’ve now been so many times that its now just become a regular thing. Now i had read that they were opening a second restaurant in Richmond and didn’t think anything much of it until i was stumbling around Richmond after a few drinks, and knew exactly what i had to do.Reluctantly we all to soon left for chin chins, only to be haunted by these amazing sliders, so much that i had to return the very next night.


Their new venture is lighter inside, very clean and chic, staff were amazing and accommodating even when they were pushed to capacity. A quick look at the specials board and not even taking in what it was i had to have it. Game of Thrones inspired Meatballs “Winter is coming”… it totally beat all expectations

Surely this would have been the final meal for Robb Stark at the red wedding, Wild Boar & Feasting Duck with Red Ox Sauce on Smash of potatoes and peas, with Long Rib and Red Wine. The only let down was that the wine was served in a glass and not a horn tankard.

But savoury dishes isn’t the only thing they do well here, One does not just go to Meatball, with out experiencing the Woopie-Mac. Simply its ice cream sandwiched between 2 cookies and with 5 ice creams, and 5 cookies to choose from you are only limited by your imagination.


This is definitely not a share option, if you can resist only a bite of these then your will power is far greater than mine, and i look forward to serving you while you sit on the iron throne… These will bring even the cheese platter people to their knees.
And what’s just as amazing is that they also do breakfast balls, and a full take away menu for when you want your balls on the run!

Check out The Meatball & Wine Bar on Flinders Lane and now on Swan St