Words of Wisdom #3

You're never too old to lick the spoon!

You’re never too old to lick the spoon!


Michael’s Sensually Sexy Chocolate Brownies


The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy for me, burning the candles at both ends so have been unable to find much time for myself… In dire need of a massage and a holiday!

With all that said, what perks you up better than an unhealthy dose of sugar, chocolate and butter!

I remember the days when the Cookie Monster was a crack addicted cookie eater heating up cookie dough on a spoon to get his next fix, but today he’s on the straight and narrow and explains that cookies are now only a sometimes food. So I shouldn’t have to explain that this is not an everyday treat, a 1cm cube will need a week of gym work, or a weekend of vigorous bedroom antics… This chocolate brownie will break hearts! Both when you realise it’s all gone, and when the chocolaty goodness is clogging up those so valuable arteries.

This will make a HUGE slab, but what’s great about that is, if you have left overs… WHAT THE HELL IS LEFT OVER BROWNIE?!?!?!… you can freeze it down and with a few seconds in the microwave relive those moments of freshly baked brownies…

You will need;

MIXING BOWLS, preferably stainless steel for double boiler and to hold all the stuff
SAUCEPAN half filled with boiling water, big enough to sit a mixing bowl on without touching the water, if the water touches the bowl you risk over cooking the chocolate and it will go dry
WHISK to beat the crap out of your mixture
SPATULA to make sure you get every last drop into the tray, unless you want to relive your childhood and lick the bowl clean yourself
SCALE to weigh yourself post brownie or ingredients
BAKING TRAYS to hold your brownie and keep it warm
OVEN to cook stuff
A LONELY APPLE to laugh at while you wait for your brownie to cook!


Other Stuff:

500g Butter
400g Chocolate
150g Cocoa Powder
150g Plain Flour
2tsp. Baking Powder
700g Caster Sugar
8 Eggs


MELT Butter and chocolate over a double boiler
SHAKE Flour, cocoa, and baking powder through a sift
THROW All the dry ingredients into the melted chocolate mix and stir until smooth
BEAT Eggs into chocolate mixture
CARESS The baking tray with a spray of canola and line with baking paper
DRIZZLE Mixture into the tray
BANG IT in the oven

Now this is where baking gets hard, not all ovens are the same so cooking times will vary. Roughly between 10-25 mins @ 180°C, you want to be able to stick a skewer in and it NOT come out clean, but set enough that it won’t wobble if you shake it, also should spring back if you touch it… If you can perfect these 3 qualities in your brownies, I guarantee you will have a very fulfilling sexual love life!!!

Chef tip: Use a second baking tray upside down with baking paper and turn out the fresh from the oven brownies, then place the hot baking tray on top of the brownie right way up. This will ensure you get an even levelled brownie as it will compress it flat as it cools…


If you haven’t already gone face first into molten tray of brownie in front of you, serve it up with fresh raspberries, and vanilla bean ice cream.

Michael’s Salted Caramel

spoon copy

will make about 250mL

Its hardly a secret that i have a sweet tooth, and to see anything with salted caramel makes it a must have. Often I’ll make double batches to keep in the fridge and pull out to finish off or add to desserts.


You will need;
SAUCEPANS to cook with.
FIRE to heat.
SUGAR PROBE, or any temperature gauge that you can accurately reach up to 120°C
GLASS DOMICILE to hold your gooey salted caramel goodness

This will take about 15mins of pure dedication… so no TV, Facebooking, or stalking your ex!

Other stuff you will need;
1/2 cup Cream
100g Caster Sugar
1tsp of salt
1/2tsp Vanilla Bean Paste (Half a pod)
1/4 cup Glucose Syrup
30g Unsalted Butter
1/4 cup Cream
1Tbsp Glucose Syrup
1/2tsp Maldon Flaked Sea Salt

BOIL 1/2 cup of cream, vanilla, salt and 1/4 cup of glucose
HOLD set aside
HEAT Sugar in a medium sized saucepan until a even caramel colour
SHOWER scalded cream mix into caramel
BEAT constantly until you reach 120°C and take off heat (it will split if you dont give it love)
TOSS in Butter, 1/4 cup cream and Tbsp Glucose
DRINK wine and wait for it to cool
FUSE 1/4 tsp of flaked sea salt into the caramel
DIP fingers directly into the salted caramel and enjoy its goodness

120cPIXLR copy

Salt has an amazing way of bringing the sweetness and flavour of a dish out and this is no exception. If you can resist even contemplating consuming it all by yourself then we should not be friends…

Make this to impress your friends, its devilish, simple and most of all is killer on Vanilla bean ice cream!

Taco Truck

OK this is the first post for my new blog so this is a tremendous occasion and should be celebrated as such. What better start to this than to talk about the ever so amazing Taco Truck… Wait… What? You haven’t heard of the Taco Truck? Well first of all… shame on you, secondly we need to give you a little background on the Food Van revolution. Made famous in L.A, food vans and pop-up restaurants call upon there many fans through social networks and draw massive flash crowds.

Flash Crowd patiently waiting for their tacos

Flash Crowd patiently waiting for their tacos

The time is 3:30pm on a Wednesday and trolling through post after post on Facebook the ever so hilarious LOL cats and political anarchism has left me bored with life, when I stumble across the Taco Truck’s latest location post for the night. My eyes light up and my mouth begins to salivate as i begin to plot my route for the night ahead…

Today we travel to Mr Wilkinsons Bar in Brunswick… I pull up at 6:45 as I park I can already see the crowd amassed by the Taco Truck outside the pub on a sultry summer evening. The crowd of bohemian hipsters wait patiently some with drinks in hand to help pass the time… The menu for this evening is Fish Tacos, Chicken Tacos, and Potato Tacos.

My mind was made up well before I had arrived, just hoping that they hadn’t sold out already… As I make my order as clinical as if I was in the presence of the Soup Nazi, totally not necessary but in terms of efficiency I am a fantastic customer. The wait time is not an issue when it comes to the taste of these moreish flavour vessels.

Soon enough my name is called and the glorious white cardboard platter is handed to me… My Taco plate has arrived!

Chicken & Fish tacos

Chicken & Fish tacos

2 fresh soft hand made corn tortillas layered with fresh red cabbage slaw, freshly squeezed lime juice, and lightly battered white fish accompanied by zingy poppy mayo with a side of freshly cooked corn chips.
The next decision is always the hardest… to spice up with the Salsa Verde or to go al natural.

Best eaten as fresh as possible but seriously who could wait to stuff these morsels into there gullet.

The fresh taste of the slaw, and crispiness of the fish is welcoming to my pallet, but it’s the mayo and the lime juice that steals the show giving a zingy flavour explosion unlike no other.

With a fantastic partnership of a couple of pots of Kirin from the bar, my night is now complete…

For information where you can find the taco truck and other pop up restaurants checkout wherethetruck.at