Sample of some goodness to come!

Tacos anyone?


Well thanks to the gods of the internet a new restaurant/shop stumbled upon my fingers as I was generally looking for inspiration in a sea of great things to do in Melbourne, and what a place this is!

La Tortilleria a small little hole in the wall situated in the industrial sector of Kensington in Stubbs Street, a poky little shop and restaurant dedicated to the all mighty tortilla, and have been assured by one of the partners that this as traditional as a tortilla can get.
I arrived to find myself transported to another world, behind a glass wall, a lady was packaging up the freshly cooked tortillas into bags so I had the great opportunity to purchase a fresh hot batch of tortillas… so it was easy to get carried away when I walked out of there with a kilo of tortillas to take home and play with…

I will have to wait to go back there to try out what they have to offer in the restaurant, but for now I have new vessels to play around with.

So stay tuned for recipes and ideas to come, to go with these amazing tortillas. check out La Tortilleria